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Every Wednesday in October

Mastering DNA for Genealogy

Wednesday – October 5 – 11 am – 1 pm -How to understand Ancestry DNA Circles and Cousins and their ethnicity estimates and how to make them work for you

Wednesday – October 12 11 am – 1 pm How to use Family Tree DNA three tests for Genealogy.  The Y-DNA to find out which surname you biologically from.

Wednesday – October 1911 am – 1 pm Working with your atDNA results from any company in third party tools.  How to download your DNA and use it where you like. What does it mean to be ICW (in common with).  Is you’re cousin a match or just a human match.?

Wednesday – October 2611 am – 1 pm The future in DNA testing.  Working with both STRs and SNPs.  Understanding both Circles you match in and Triangulation.  How much DNA do you need to test, whole genome sequencing?

Topics to start with, bring your test results and we will help you understand them!

How to I get started

Whole concept – what does Genetics add to Genealogy

3 kinds of test

  1. YDNA – Just for men. Traces direct paternal line. Test at FTDNA
  2. mtDNA – For everyone. Traces direct maternal line Test at FTDNA.
  3. atDNA – For everyone. Traces both sides of your family. Three


Testing companies.- What results do you receive from your DNA test?


Who are the players –  what companies offer what type of products?

  1. com,,

Jim has personally done 22 tests on himself (at more than 6 different companies) and also tested many of his family members.  In his “Rader Y-DNA” study he has found 3 “6th cousins” to test and has recruited more than 60 men to join the project

Jim Rader is the new president of the Roseville Genealogical Society. He has been a civil engineer, computer programmer, and adult education instructor. He published his first family history book in 1992 and has been lecturing about genealogy since 1991

He also spent 10 years at Folsom Cordova Adult Education teaching seniors how to use their computer to pursue their genealogy. He has even presented at the RootsTech conference and a recorded version of his presentation in 2014, Introduction to DNA for Genealogists is available on you tube at