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This year we have much to celebrate on our Rader Genealogical research. My book on “How to do a Y-DNA Study” is now available on That book includes the actual results for 4 male “descendants of Casper Rader 1732-1812 Wythe county, Virginia”
There are several unhappy purchasers who gave the book one star which has killed sales. I don’t understand their complaints but maybe the second edition will be more to their liking? You could also place a review there and give prospective buyers a reason to want the book!
From page 81 od the book
With all four tests we get an estimation of under 300 years you’ll also notice that my test and Alton’s tests both show a distance of zero snips where Harry’s test shows four steps in Earl’s test shows one snip. And if you refer to the tree you remember that Harry is upstream from me, so they are saying Harry has four snips off of the average and I, a person who is in the same branch of the same tree and further down the tree has fewer snips as in zero snips.

Age with 4 Big-Y tests 269 ybp

Relating this back to our genealogy
Casper was born 285 ybp

I used to publish this book. It cuts the cost in half which also brings the price way down. If I published it at it would sell for more than $40. This copy is now available at for $22. If you have already purchased a copy please give me feedback. It would be helpful if you would write a Customer review. I plan to create a more complete second edition in 2018 and would incorporate your suggestions in that work.
How to do a Y-DNA study: including Next Generation Sequencing Which can contain atDNA, STR Y-DNA and SNP Y-DNA Jun 22, 2017 by James Lee Rader Paperback
$22.00 Prime

I used to publish the book “Casper Rader 1732-1812 Wythe county, Virginia” paperback, 362 Pages price: $32.50 at If I get real ambitious I may create a new paperback version of this book with a chapter summarizing his Y-DNA late in 2018 and also publish it with createspace which would make it available on Amazon Prime also!

The first 3 generations of Casper Rader’s Descendants. He is found first on the ship Edinberg in 1750 Pennsylvania. He lives in Lebanon county and Cumberland county Pennsylvania during the Rev War — — His children are in Greene County Tennessee and other places. The major improvement over earlier versions is the inclusion of $3,000 of land research. The land they lived on is plotted on Quad maps in detail sufficient for you to go right to each place they lived —- visit my website at for more details

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