Big-Y results, do I understand this correctly?

These are the people involved in the 2016 Big-Y study

What can NGS testing prove?
I have a group of four men all who descended from the same person who was born in 1732. I have the big Y results for all four men. These four men match on Y-111 stir testing at least 110 out of 111 STRs.

My Genealogy research shows me that I am related to the 3 men who I am testing as follows:
1. Earl is a 4th cousin twice removed on my Rader line
2. Alton is a 4th cousin twice removed on my Rader line
3. Harry is a 2nd cousin once removed on my Rader line
And a 4th cousin twice removed on my Bauer line
And a 4th cousin twice removed on my Andes line
The genealogy research on these four men is quite thorough. It is been researched by multiple researchers who publish results over the last 50 years. Has been confirmed by extensive land of probate research.
The table below entitled “compare novel variants all 4 28Jan17” displays a lot of details obtained from that study.
The left column entitled Yseq with values highlighted in yellow are the locations which I had tested with Sanger test methods to verify that the results from the big Y were accurate.
The second column is the name that these particular locations are known by, at some companies.
The next section which is highlighted in green are the results from my big Y tests. The numbers are the physical location being tested.
The section which is not highlighted his Harry’s test results followed by the blue highlighted section with Earl’s test results and the final section in the right hand side is Alton’s results
I aligned them so that the places where there are blank spaces are locations where we do not match! You will see that we do not match an equal amount or in the same places. Jim has 23 unique variants, Harry has 16 variants, Earl has 28, and Alton 22.

I assume that any snip that they all have would be a snip the original man had. What I don’t know is when three out of four of them have a snip how could that happen? Harry’s test is lacking many matches that the other three have. If the original man Casper had them and Jim who is downline from harry has them then Harry must also have them!

One guess is that there is a mistake in testing and test missed that particular snip. Another guess would be that when his father created his spirm he made an error at that same location which caused the SNP to flip back to the original value. The problem with that is that 7 positions do not flip in 120 years (the time between Henry 1829 and Jim 1942)

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