How to do a Y-DNA study: including Next Generation Sequencing Which can contain atDNA, STR Y-DNA and SNP Y-DNA Paperback – June 22, 2017  

by James Lee Rader

Some of the topics in the Index


One Name Study Published in Journal of One-Name Studies, 2012

You should use DNA like any other type of record to prove your research!

What do you want to prove?

Which type of DNA will help?

That includes Y-STR, Y-SNP testing,

Autosomal DNA testing (atDNA)

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing where appropriate

How accurate are these tests?

What has Studying Y-DNA taught us

The Casper Rader Y-DNA study

The original test concluded in 2006

you should not take a DNA test!  Do a  Y- STR study

FTDNA finishes the testing, and we have unique SNPs

What does testing more STR locations in Y-DNA give you?

Family Tree DNA Y- STR Results

The original FTDNA Rader Y-DNA Surname study

Y111-STR results differences table

Y-Full Report  STRS 491

YFull’s report on STR matches from the Big-Y test

See Appendix for full list of STRs

What do other analysts have to say?

Y-Tree is producing a tree of matches

A progress report on using big Y results.

Big-Y results, do I understand this correctly?

Compare novel variants all 4

Why do you want to know the rest of your SNP errors?

Will you know where these people lived when the SNPs happened?

Big-Y Introduction

Goal of Big Y test

Detailed look at SNPs

How does YFull determine “formed” age and “TMRCA,”

What is YFull’s age estimation methodology?


A progress report on using big Y results.

ClarifyDNA results with just two BigY report

FTDNA reports for Big-Y

Family Finder reports – Rader relatives

YFull reports

We’ll solve your Y-Chromosome Puzzle!

NextGen Sequence Interpretation  $49

Yfull results based on YFull YTree v5.03 at 09 April 2017

Other information from Big-Y

110 to 170 years  between new SNPs

Age with 1 Big-Y test

Age with 3 Big-Y tests

Age with 4 Big-Y tests

Accuracy of Big-Y test according to YFull

Yfull finishes, and we no longer have unique SNPs

How to place your terminal SNP in time and place

Genetic Genealogy

New Genetics and Society

bell beaker behemoth coming out soon

Eurogenes Blog: The Bell Beaker Behemoth (Olalde et al. 2017 preprint)

Eurogenes Blog: Latest on Bell Beaker and Corded Ware

Population genetics: A map of human wanderlust

Wiley: An Introduction to Molecular Anthropology – Mark Stoneking

atDNA results

Summary of the Autosomal testing

Compared all STRS table

Jim’s YFull full SNP list and report

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