3 George Rader families in Colonial America

E-Mail – Subject: RADER — Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:20:17 EDT
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collecting George RADERS
I know from talking to you several years ago that you are striving for accuracy.
I’ve been distracted somewhat from RADER genealogy for the past couple of years [just your typical 60 year crises: my husband retired; we moved from an 8 room house to a two room condo [how do you put ten years of genealogy results in one box?;] last year we came to Ohio in Feb to be with my brother who died the day after Easter, and the following Saturday my mother- in-law was hospitalized with severe dehydration and depression; it was determined that she could no longer live alone, so we stayed until the middle of July until other siblings took over for their 3 month’s shares. In August we left for a long planned trip to Alaska, just as the Canadian fisherfolk were blockading U.S. ferries.
The rest of our trip was a sit-com tradgedy of wonderfulness and woes. Of our group of 4 RV’S, one couple had to turn back the 2nd day due to RV troubles. Another couple left as planned after one month. We continued on with our other friends…RVing on the ferries thru the inland passage…and by flatbed railroad train an thru Denali. Then our friend had to be air-lifted to Seattle because her heart had gone into congestive failure. We cut our trip short and drove back with her husband, so he would not have to travel alone. When I got back to Bainbridge, my dau in law, who was renting our house, while our son finishes up his last hitch in the Navy, had boxed up all my files and did not remember what was where.
At any rate, we are back in Ohio again….and guess what? On our way here, I went thru Germantown, IN and got to “dance” besides the graves of my George RADER and Elizabeth ESTES/ATER etc. What a thrill!
I am so glad you have undertaken this web-site! It is truly magnificent. So I hate to nit-pick, but I copied this one section to question a few dates.
You have Dorothea’s date of birth as 23 November, 1789….but say she was Baptized 19 Dec, 1773…and married Jacob LINSON 15 Mar 1809, when she would have Been 10 years of age. I figure it is just a typo or oversight, but it’s in print…and you know how stuff in print is.
111. Dorothy ‘Dolly’ ‘dorothea’Rader (Anthony Reader, Hans Adam3 Roder, Johann (Hans) Adam2, Adam1) was born in VA November 23, 1789. Dorothy died January 23, 1883 in Madison Co, OH, at 93 years of age.(30) She married Jacob Linson in Greenbrier Co, VA now WV, March 15, 1809. She was baptized in Rader Lutheran, Timberville, Augusta Co, VA, December 19, 1773. Dorothy’s will was probated in Probate Court, Vol 1, page 145, Paralysis, 1883.(31) Dorothy ‘Dolly’ ‘dorothea’ Rader and Jacob Linson had the following
children: ”
I am still collecting George RADERS…and trying to sort them out. It is my feeling that the George RADER who married Sarah DUNLAP did not die in 1830 Rockungham VA. If he is truly father of Adam who married Elizabeth McCLUNG, then they are all enumerated in 1850 Nicholas County, VA along with Hazel [a male, so rather unusual name], Sarah, and Austin, all purported to be children of Adam in the Dr. [of Veterinary medicine] William A. RADER’s book.
With the new website of Bureau of Land Management records, I’ve located several other George’s in Indiana…but have not placed them yet. Will be happy tosend them along if you are interested.
Nikki NICKELL…now of Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068

George moved with his brother Anthony and nephew to WV. After
staying in Rader Valley, near Williamsburg and Lewisburg, he
moved to Nicholas County. He settled at Bucks Garden near
Summersville and practiced his trade as a Blacksmith.

there are two !!
Thanks for answering ! no, sorry, not the same George. There are two George Raders in the 1850 Nicholas Co census. George Rader that married Jane McCoy lived on Strouds Creek (Bucks Garden), in the 1850 Nicholas Co census he and Jane were living with their son Sennett Rader .George’s age is listed as 79 years. Also, in the same 1850 census ‘my George Rader’ and his wife Sarah are living with their son Adam Rader on Gauley River. Both George and Sarah are listed as 75 yrs. of age. This part of Nicholas Co. become part of Webster Co .in 1859, George is not in the 1860 Webster Co census. and can find no death record in Webster or Nicholas. Webster Courthouse burned, records along with it. No definite proof in black and white, but several clues lead me to believe John H. Rader (married a McClung) was the son of my George Rader and not son of Anthony as listed in Wm. Raders book, I have had no luck so far finding where he ‘gleaned ‘ his information. The birth date of George Jr. below fits ‘my George’ .
Virginia Carr [vcarr@citynet.net]

three different George Rader’s
We believe that RADER family historians, including Robert Melville Danford (“The Nobles and the Raders of Mercer County, Illinois”), Charles Wesley Finney (“The Rader Family in America”), William A. Rader (“The Descendants of Adam and Anna Maria RÖDER and Johann Adam and Katharina (TAUBER) RÖDER…”), and John W. Wayland (“A History of Rockingham County, Virginia” and “Virginia Valley Records”) incorrectly attribute various facts about three different George Rader’s. In our opinion the data on these three should be interpreted in this way:

(1) George RADER (1768-1831). His date of birth is estimated to be about 1768 since his oldest son, Abraham, was born in 1791. In late 1831, the real estate of “George Rader, dec’d.” in northern Rockingham County was divided by his surviving children: Abraham Rader and Catherine (Boehm) Rader; George Rader and Mary (_____?) Rader; Rebecca Rader Andes (her husband, Henry Andes/Andis, had died); Hannah Rader Wilson and her husband James Wilson; John Rader (no spouse listed); William Rader (no spouse listed); Jesse Rader (no spouse listed); Mary Rader (no spouse listed). Since the distribution did not mention inheritance rights of a spouse, it is very probable that there was no surviving spouse. Identity of the spouse and this George’s parents has not been established. Descendants of this George RADER moved to Wayne County, Indiana, in the early 1830’s and to Mercer County, Illinois, in the late 1830’s.

(2) George RADER (1775-after 1850). In Nov 1789 a Marriage Bond was filed in Rockingham Co, VA, for the marriage of Sarah DUNLAP, daughter of William DUNLAP, to George READER, age 23. In the 1850 census of Nicholas County, Virginia (which became West Virginia in 1863), George RADER, age 75, and his wife Sarah RADER, age 75, were enumerated with Adam RADER, age 39, presumed to be their son. This George is the son of Mathias RADER and Jessie BENDER/PAINTER and the uncle of the George listed next.

(3) George RADER (17 Dec 1781-15 Aug 1842) (Our ancestor.) On 04 Nov 1803, a Marriage Bond issued in Rockingham Co, VA, for the marriage of Elizabeth ESTES, daughter of Henry ESTES, to George READER; they were married 15 Nov 1803, in Rockingham Co, VA. In 1813 their daughter Elizabeth was baptized at Frieden’s Church (originally a Reformed-Lutheran Union Church, now Frieden’s United Church of Christ) at Mt. Crawford, in the southern part of Rockingham county. On 7 Nov 1829, at the Rader Lutheran Church in Timberville, in northern Rockingham County, their daughter, Elizabeth RAEDER, age 17, was confirmed by Rev. Ambrose HENKEL, Communicants at Rader Lutheran Church on 8 Nov 1829 included George RAEDER and Elizabeth RAEDER. On 30 Jan 1830, George & his wife Elizabeth RADER sold the 84 acre farm they had bought in 1817 from David & Katherine WARREN to Michael MILLER. In the spring of 1830, George and Elizabeth RADER moved with some of their family from Virginia to Wayne County, Indiana. On 22 Jul 1830 George RADER bought a 78 acre farm in Harrison Township, Wayne County, Indiana, for $550. He died 15 Aug 1842 and Elizabeth died 15 Oct 1854. Both were buried in Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in East Germantown. After their parents’ deaths, the wife having died intestate, the children sold the family farm on 1 Mar 1856 for $2,400. The children who divided the proceeds were: Abraham RADER and wife Helen; Adam RADER and wife Margaret; David COOK and wife Dorotha (Dorothy); Joseph FUNK and wife Sarah; Gideon RICHWINE and wife Elizabeth (our ancestors); Peter KEPLER and wife Mary; and Anna HART (her husband died in 1854, only three years after her marriage in 1851). This George RADER was the son of Adam RADER and grandson of Mathias RADER.

1830 22 Jul: George RADER bought a 78 acre farm in Harrison Twp, Wayne Co, IN (Deed Book L, p 91: S 1/2, SE 1/4, Sec 15, Twp 16, Rng 13E). On 1 Nar 1856, his heirs sold the farm (recorded 27 Feb 1857, Deed Book 23, pp. 149 & 150):

Robert Melville Danford (“The Nobles and the Raders of Mercer County, Illinois”), Charles Wesley Finney (“The Rader Family in America”), William A. Rader (“The Descendants of Adam and Anna Maria RÖDER and Johann Adam and Katharina (TAUBER) RÖDER…”), and John W. Wayland (“A History of Rockingham County, Virginia” and “Virginia Valley Records”) incorrectly conclude that the same George RADER married 1st Sarah DUNLAP & married 2nd Elizabeth ESTES. They also imply that the George RADER whose heirs divided his property near Timberville in 1831 is this same George. These necessarily are different George RADERs. According to “History of Wayne Co, IN” (Vol. II, Chicago, Inter-State Pub. Co., 1884, pp. 508/509, SLC LDS Microfilm 934923), the George who died in Wayne Co, IN, in 1842, was a son of Adam RADER and grandson of Mathias RADER. The parentage of the George who died in Rockingham Co, VA, in 1831 and of the George and wife Sarah who were still living and enumerated in Nicholas Co, VA (now WV), 43rd Dist, 12 Jul 1850, p. 342, dwg/fam 40, the head of this household, Adam RADER, is probably their son) has not been definitively established.

The references cited by RADER and FINNEY apply in some cases to one George; in some to one of the others. Nephew George (my ancestor) was only 8 years old when his Uncle George married Sarah DUNLAP. The 1799/1800 Rader Church communicants must have been Uncle George and Sarah or the George who died in 1831 since Nephew George was not yet married to Elizabeth ATER.
pp. 84-85, generation 5. Abt 1766 – born Augusta (this area became Rockingham in 1778) Co, VA (see Marriage Bond entry Nov 1789.) [FINNEY, p. 14 (George married Sarah DUNLAP)].

“The Descendants of Adam and Anna Maria RÖDER and Johann Adam and Katharina (TAUBER) RÖDER…” Dr. William A. RADER and June L. (HUDNUT) RADER, 1987, published privately by the Raders, 4638 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota, FL 34234.
[RWE: George RADER and Elizabeth ESTES were both 22 when they were married in 1803. Their residence in Rockingham County has not been located — in 1813 their daughter Elizabeth was baptized at Frieden’s Cburch (originally Union Reformed-Lutheran, now Frieden’s United Church of Christ) at Mt. Crawford, in the southern part of Rockingham county. Rader’s Church (also originally joint Reformed and Lutheran, now Lutheran) is at Timberville, on the northern edge of the county.]
p. 62, generation 4. George RADER 4th child of Mathias (Matthias) ROEDER (REEDER, RIDER) and Jessie BENDER).
21 Oct 1787 – was present at the Linville Creek Baptist Church (Records of the church; it was located between Linville and Broadway) (One of the other George’s).
1788 – Rockingham Co, VA, militia records show (one of the other George’s) George RADER had 7 slaves; he was a member of Capt. TRUMBOE’s Company No. 10.
1789 – (one of the other George’s) George and his father Mathias served in the Rockingham Co, VA, militia.
Nov 1789 Marriage Bond issued in Rockingham Co, VA, for marriage of Sarah DUNLAP, daughter of William DUNLAP, and (one of the other George’s) George READER, age 23.
1799 or 1800 – (one of the other George’s) George and wife READER were communicants at the RADER Lutheran Church (“History of the RADER Lutheran Church.”)
04 Nov 1803 Marriage Bond issued in Rockingham Co, VA, for marriage of Elizabeth ESTES, daughter of Henry ESTES, and (my ancestor) George READER; married 15 Nov 1803, Rockingham Co, VA.
08 Nov 1829 – (my ancestor) George and Elizabeth (ESTES) READER were communicants at the RADER Lutheran Church. (RADER Lutheran Church record of attendance, baptism, communion, marriage and some death records, translated from the German by Christopher Henry Droegemueller, Public Library, Harrisonburg, VA.)
1830 – (my ancestor) George and Elizabeth RADER moved with some of their family from VA to Pershing Co, IN. [RWE: There is no Pershing Co; they settled in Wayne Co, IN. East Germantown was renamed Pershing as a result of anti-German feeling during WW I. In 1993 both names for the same village still persisted with Federal records – such as the Post Office – tending to use Pershing and state records – such as births, marriages and deaths – tending to use East Germantown. Most maps list East Germantown although occasionally Pershing is shown.]
1831 – Deed of Partition, Rockingham Co, VA, Burnt Deed Book 10, p 279, divided two tracts in Rockingham Co among the children and heirs of George RADER; 224 acres on Flat Run (RWE: “Fort” Run) and 220 acres on Timber Ridge, 2 miles away; both are near the RADER Lutheran Church (photocopied from the original deed dated 20 May 1765, Deed Book 19, page 227, Augusta County Courthouse, Staunton, VA). Fort Run is less than a mile from RADER’s Church.

“The NOBLE-RADER Families,” R. M. DANFORD, published privately, New York, 1967.
pp. 163-169. Some of the RADER children who accompanied their parents to IN later settled in Mercer Co, IL. [RWE: The George RADER who died in VA in 1831 obviously did not “accompany” his children to IN. The children of this George RADER did accompany my ancestor George and his wife Elizabeth RADER, to IN. In 1839 some of the children of the 1831 George moved on west to IL but the children of George and Elizabeth remained in Wayne Co and adjacent Henry Co, IN, with their parents.]

“Record Book, Rader Lutheran Church,” Timberville, Rockingham Co, VA, translated by Christopher Henry Droegemuller & Harry M Strickler, 1927, revised by Dr. & Mrs William Rader, 1990.
Rader Lutheran Church, 7 Nov 1829, confirmed by Rev Ambrose HENKEL: Females:…11. Elizabeth Raeder (RWE: dau Elizabeth RADER RICHWINE was 17, appropriate age for confirmation.
Rader Lutheran Church, 8 Nov 1829, communicants Males:…7. George Raeder, Females:…17. Elizabeth Raeder.

Rockingham Co, VA, Burnt Deed Bk 9, 30 Jan 1830. p. 284, George & wife Elizabeth RADER sold to Michael MILLER, 84 A, bought 20 Aug 1817 from David & Katherine WARREN, adjoined EATER & Frank LONGO plus adjacent 2 1/2 A, bought 12 Jul 1826, adjoined LONG, ATER, PAINTER, LONGO.

1840 Census, IN, Wayne Co, p. 597 (305):
George RADER M 50 & <60 (b-1780-1790) [17 Dec 1781) (household: 4, agr: 1]
(Elizabeth) F 50 & <60 (b-1780-1790) [23 Oct 1781]
(Anna) F 20 & <30 (b-1810-1820) [marr 1851]
(?) M 15 & <20 (b-1820-1825)
[this may be a 3rd son. If so, he must have died without heirs bef 1856; not an heir in his father’s will.]

“Memoirs of Wayne Co…IN,” Western Historical Assn, Madison, WI, 1912.
p. 163. “George and Elizabeth (ATER) RADER were natives of Virginia, but migrated to Wayne County and located in Harrison township, where they followed agricultural pursuits.

Grave marker, Zion ELC Cemetery, East Germantown/Pershing, Wayne Co, IN (have photo) and “Tombstone Inscriptions in Wayne Co, IN,” (Vol III, p 364, Beverly Yount): GEORGE RADER, DIED AUG 15, 1842, AGED 60 Y, 7 M, 24 D; ELIZABETH, WIFE OF GEORGE RADER, DIED OCT 17, 1854, AGED 72 Y, 11 M, 24 D [Calculated dates of birth, George: 17 Dec 1781, Elizabeth: 23 Oct 1781]

Will: Wayne Co, IN, Will Book 2, pages 260 & 261. Administration of estate: Wayne Co, IN, Claim and Allowance Record Book 1, page 110 & Book 1+, page 292. Will written 2 Sep 1833, recorded Wayne Co, IN, Will Book 1, pages 260 & 261; he was 51 (b-1782). Sons Abraham and Adam executors; everything left to wife, Elizabeth RADER. Will proved Wayne Co, IN, Probate Court, 9 Sep 1842, book C, page 292.

1830 22 Jul: George RADER bought a 78 acre farm in Harrison Twp, Wayne Co, IN (Deed Book L, p 91: S 1/2, SE 1/4, Sec 15, Twp 16, Rng 13E). On 1 Nar 1856, his heirs sold the farm (recorded 27 Feb 1857, Deed Book 23, pp 149 & 150):
Abraham RADER and wife Helen
Adam RADER and wife Margaret
David COOK and wife Dorotha (Dorothy)
Joseph FUNK and wife Sarah
Gideon RICHWINE and wife Elizabeth (my g-g-grandparents)
Peter KEPLER and wife Mary
Anna HART (she was a widow)

Dick Edmonson

DNA test or Dna Study

To me the concept of taking a test and which test has the most value is NOT the best approach. I received my real value when I used my genealogy to find 4th cousins from the same Male immigrant who lived in the 1700s. Ten years ago when I did a 37 maker Y on all 4 I received real vlaue! And last year I also received more value when I did the Y500 on all four of us! THAT is what is called doing a STUDY, and it does not require waiting for years for a match to come along! I have produced books about my DNA experiences which will give you complete details of 15 years of DNA experience. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jim154

Here is the list of my DNA tests so far

BigY-500 4/19/2018
Big-Y study 12/20/2017
MyHeritage DNA 10/1/2017
LivingDNA 6/9/2017
Helix – National Genographic 2+ 12/13/2016
Yfull analysis 5/28/2015
Big Y 3/18/2015
Y-DNA 111 12/15/2014
PF1023 4/27/2014
L163 4/27/2014
britainsdna 36717 10/31/2013
mtFull Sequence 4/18/2013
23 and me upgrade 1.0-v3 3/4/2013
Genographic 2.0 Transfer 12/12/2012
Genographic 2.0 10/7/2012
Family Finder 12/21/2011
AncestryDNA autosomal 11/1/2011
Deep Clade-R 1/15/2009
Original 23andme 1/1/2008
Genographic Project 1/1/2005
Y-DNA37 12/15/2003
Y-DNA67 6/21/2003
CTS4299 6/9/2003
Y-HAP-Backbone 2/27/2003
mtDNA 11/8/2002
mtDNA Plus 10/30/2002
Kit Ordered 9/25/2002
Y-DNA25 9/25/2002
mtDNA 9/25/2002

Merry Christmas

This year we have much to celebrate on our Rader Genealogical research. My book on “How to do a Y-DNA Study” is now available on Amazon.com. That book includes the actual results for 4 male “descendants of Casper Rader 1732-1812 Wythe county, Virginia”
There are several unhappy purchasers who gave the book one star which has killed sales. I don’t understand their complaints but maybe the second edition will be more to their liking? You could also place a review there and give prospective buyers a reason to want the book!
From page 81 od the book
With all four tests we get an estimation of under 300 years you’ll also notice that my test and Alton’s tests both show a distance of zero snips where Harry’s test shows four steps in Earl’s test shows one snip. And if you refer to the tree you remember that Harry is upstream from me, so they are saying Harry has four snips off of the average and I, a person who is in the same branch of the same tree and further down the tree has fewer snips as in zero snips.

Age with 4 Big-Y tests 269 ybp

Relating this back to our genealogy
Casper was born 285 ybp

I used www.createspace.com to publish this book. It cuts the cost in half which also brings the price way down. If I published it at www.lulu.com it would sell for more than $40. This copy is now available at amazon.com for $22. If you have already purchased a copy please give me feedback. It would be helpful if you would write a Customer review. I plan to create a more complete second edition in 2018 and would incorporate your suggestions in that work.
How to do a Y-DNA study: including Next Generation Sequencing Which can contain atDNA, STR Y-DNA and SNP Y-DNA Jun 22, 2017 by James Lee Rader Paperback
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I used www.lulu.com to publish the book “Casper Rader 1732-1812 Wythe county, Virginia” paperback, 362 Pages price: $32.50 at www.lulu.com. If I get real ambitious I may create a new paperback version of this book with a chapter summarizing his Y-DNA late in 2018 and also publish it with createspace which would make it available on Amazon Prime also!

The first 3 generations of Casper Rader’s Descendants. He is found first on the ship Edinberg in 1750 Pennsylvania. He lives in Lebanon county and Cumberland county Pennsylvania during the Rev War — — His children are in Greene County Tennessee and other places. The major improvement over earlier versions is the inclusion of $3,000 of land research. The land they lived on is plotted on Quad maps in detail sufficient for you to go right to each place they lived —- visit my website at www.rader.org for more details

Rader DNA study progress

An update to my Rader DNA collaborators
1. I am becoming more active in the one-name society of Britain. Their idea is that to figure out your relatives in a particular surname you should survey the whole world for occurrences of that surname. They offer many inexpensive courses at https://www.pharostutors.com/ . I am currently taking their Introduction to One-Name Studies (901) course. I will share my report with you when I complete it.
2. The privacy rights advocators are active in Europe which will make it more difficult to contact potential relatives in Europe. They believe that everyone should be able to opt out of every relationship. The further believe that everyone has the right to be forgotten. I expect to get a copy of an agreement for your approval as soon as I find one!
On 25th May GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – will come into force in the European Union. Although the UK is leaving the European Union in 2019, the legislation will also apply to the UK and will be enshrined in UK law through the new Data Protection Bill, which is currently going through Parliament. Although this is an EU regulation, it applies to companies and organisations worldwide which have customers or members in the EU, though it is not at all clear how the EU will be able to enforce the regulation in practice in countries over which it has no jurisdiction. Nevertheless, most big companies outside the EU are taking the legislation seriously and it has already had the benefit of encouraging large American companies like Facebook and Google to improve their previously lax attitudes to privacy.

However, while the aims of GDPR are sound, the legislation is hitting small companies and volunteer organisations particularly hard. Valuable volunteer time is being taken up in interpreting and enacting the requirements. GDPR sets a high bar for consent, and all consents have to be GDPR compliant. Although fresh consent is not always necessary, some organisations have decided to take no chances and have sought renewed consent regardless. Like everyone else, I have been bombarded with e-mails from companies and organisations asking me to give consent to receive e-mails and newsletters that I’ve already asked to receive. There have been endless other e-mails informing me of updated privacy policies. With the best will in the world I simply do not have the time or inclination to read all the fine details of these thousands of new policies, which rather defeats the object of the requirement for informed consent.
Read more at https://cruwys.blogspot.com/2018/05/genealogy-and-dna-casualties-of-gdpr.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+Cruwysnews+(Cruwys+news)
3. I am also taking another course to become more versed in DNA from https://www.coursera.org. that course is “Genetics and Society: A Course for Educators” by American Museum of Natural History
4. As if that was not enough I am also trying to become more versed in Early Human History so that I can understand the Anthropologist input to the DNA field. The great courses are the source for these 24 lesson video courses https://www.thegreatcourses.com
a. Development of European Civilization
b. Late Middle Ages
c. The Celtic World
d. How the Crusades Changed History
e. Vikings
f. Ancient world
g. Mideval Europe
h. The rise of humans
i. Human prehistory
My published books are at
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I have placed 4 videos about our Rader DNA project on my youtube channel at
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How to do a Y-DNA study: including Next Generation Sequencing Which can contain atDNA, STR Y-DNA and SNP Y-DNA Paperback – June 22, 2017


by James Lee Rader

Some of the topics in the Index


One Name Study Published in Journal of One-Name Studies, 2012

You should use DNA like any other type of record to prove your research!

What do you want to prove?

Which type of DNA will help?

That includes Y-STR, Y-SNP testing,

Autosomal DNA testing (atDNA)

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing where appropriate

How accurate are these tests?

What has Studying Y-DNA taught us

The Casper Rader Y-DNA study

The original test concluded in 2006

you should not take a DNA test!  Do a  Y- STR study

FTDNA finishes the testing, and we have unique SNPs

What does testing more STR locations in Y-DNA give you?

Family Tree DNA Y- STR Results

The original FTDNA Rader Y-DNA Surname study

Y111-STR results differences table

Y-Full Report  STRS 491

YFull’s report on STR matches from the Big-Y test

See Appendix for full list of STRs

What do other analysts have to say?

Y-Tree is producing a tree of matches

A progress report on using big Y results.

Big-Y results, do I understand this correctly?

Compare novel variants all 4

Why do you want to know the rest of your SNP errors?

Will you know where these people lived when the SNPs happened?

Big-Y Introduction

Goal of Big Y test

Detailed look at SNPs

How does YFull determine “formed” age and “TMRCA,”

What is YFull’s age estimation methodology?


A progress report on using big Y results.

ClarifyDNA results with just two BigY report

FTDNA reports for Big-Y

Family Finder reports – Rader relatives

YFull reports

We’ll solve your Y-Chromosome Puzzle!

NextGen Sequence Interpretation  $49

Yfull results based on YFull YTree v5.03 at 09 April 2017

Other information from Big-Y

110 to 170 years  between new SNPs

Age with 1 Big-Y test

Age with 3 Big-Y tests

Age with 4 Big-Y tests

Accuracy of Big-Y test according to YFull

Yfull finishes, and we no longer have unique SNPs

How to place your terminal SNP in time and place

Genetic Genealogy

New Genetics and Society

bell beaker behemoth coming out soon

Eurogenes Blog: The Bell Beaker Behemoth (Olalde et al. 2017 preprint)

Eurogenes Blog: Latest on Bell Beaker and Corded Ware

Population genetics: A map of human wanderlust

Wiley: An Introduction to Molecular Anthropology – Mark Stoneking

atDNA results

Summary of the Autosomal testing

Compared all STRS table

Jim’s YFull full SNP list and report

How closely are they related

The first test was processed by FTDNA with their relative finder. This test is like the one that’s offered by ancestry.com and called there everything test. This test is an autosomal test. It looks at samples of your DNA from all chromosomes except for the Y chromosome.

Our four candidates Alton Earl Jim and Harry are fourth cousins twice removed. The relationship between Harry and Jim are second cousin once removed but they also have fourth cousin removed relationships on two other lines. We know these relationships through standard genealogical research which is well-documented.

Using the GEDmatch 3D Chromosome Browser we get a nice chart showing the relationship between our four candidates. Earl and James share no DNA the rest of the relationships include one segment of the DNA. Harry and Jim share five segments because of their closer relationship.

Segments in common:

Kit Name T579239 T055537 T829743 T918718 Tot. Segments Largest cM
T579239 Earl Rader 0 2 2 4 31.8
T055537 James Lee Rader 0 5 1 6 22.1
T829743 Harry Rader 2 5 1 8 22.1
T918718 Alton Rader 2 1 1 4 31.8

Autosomal DNA shared between pairs of relatives at the fourth cousin level normally share 13 cM but the fourth cousins once removed would only share 6 cM. So in our circumstance with the twice removed we would expect 3 cM.

The expected level between Harry and Jim are that of second cousins once removed which on average 106 centiMorgans The expected level between Harry and Jim are that of second cousins once removed which on average 106 centiMorgans. Using this table you can see the share five segments.


Total Shared cM (Chr 1-22):

Kit Name T579239 T055537 T829743 T918718
T579239 Earl Rader None 19.7 48.3
T055537 James Lee Rader None 78.3 5.1
T829743 Harry Rader 19.7 78.3 11.4
T918718 Alton Rader 48.3 5.1 11.4

Summary by Chromosome:

Chr Tot. Matching Segments
for all individuals.
B36 Graphic Posn Range Largest
From To
1 0 72017 247185615 None
2 0 8674 242697433 None
3 1 36495 199322659 20.2
4 1 49009 191200760 31.8
5 0 78452 180630744 None
6 0 100815 170761395 None
7 0 139250 158812247 None
8 2 154984 146264218 11.4
9 2 36587 140208462 16.5
10 0 84172 135358259 None
11 0 188510 134445626 None
12 0 61880 132288869 None
13 0 17956717 114121631 None
14 2 18325726 106358708 21.6
15 1 18294933 100278685 9.2
16 0 28165 88690776 None
17 1 8547 78653169 5.1
18 0 3034 76116152 None
19 0 211912 63788972 None
20 0 9098 62382907 None
21 0 9849404 46924583 None
22 1 14494244 49558258 22.1
23 0 2321 154889941 None

Segment Details:

Kit1 Kit2 Chr Build 36 cM
Kit Nbr. Name Kit Nbr. Name From To
T055537 James Lee Rader T829743 Harry Rader 3 10215159 25460760 20.2
T579239 Earl Rader T918718 Alton Rader 4 121202707 157186835 31.8
T055537 James Lee Rader T829743 Harry Rader 8 140535029 143182478 5.2
T829743 Harry Rader T918718 Alton Rader 8 135910061 141152797 11.4
T579239 Earl Rader T918718 Alton Rader 9 129350655 136524980 16.5
T579239 Earl Rader T829743 Harry Rader 9 136263069 140147760 13.6
T055537 James Lee Rader T829743 Harry Rader 14 88480306 97899028 21.6
T579239 Earl Rader T829743 Harry Rader 14 30421536 32553908 6.1
T055537 James Lee Rader T829743 Harry Rader 15 88047217 91532308 9.2
T055537 James Lee Rader T918718 Alton Rader 17 27056533 29380126 5.1
T055537 James Lee Rader T829743 Harry Rader 22 43130670 49528625 22.1

These results are based on the 5.0 cM / 500 SNP threshold that you specified on the preceeding page. Because of that,
these results may be somewhat different than those obtained in the one-to-one and one-to-many utilities, which
use the site default values. Default values vary depending on the testing company that provided the kit.

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cM color coding < 3 cM 3 – 5 cM 5 – 10 cM 10 – 20 cM 20 – 50 cM 50 – 100 cM Over 100 cM

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